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What to Expect on the
First Visit

You have decided to see a chiropractor, but you know little about chiropractic
are and aren’t sure what to expect.
Well let’s briefly walk you through your first visit.

The first visit will last about an hour
long. Dr. Cheryl will take a complete medical history and identify problem areas to be addressed during your treatment plan. Dr. Cheryl will want to know about your pain; where it hurts, when it started and what activities improve or exacerbate the pain.

Depending on your specific condition
Dr. Cheryl may ask you to have x-rays completed by your family medical
doctor, or an outside source we
work with.

Your physical examination will be performed through light clothing, no
belts or jewelry preferred. It may
include observation of posture and
range of motion, palpation of muscles, joint movement and soft tissue.

We will also perform a digital foot
scan during your first visit. This gives
us a picture of your feet and helps us diagnosis any imbalances you
may have.

Here at Discover Chiropractic we want your 1st visit to be as comfortable and informative as it can be.

A Feel-Good Story from the Heart of Chiropractic- The Well- Adjusted Soul

A Strong Right Arm

When I first saw two-year-old Timmy, he walked into my office with his right arm held tightly against his chest. His grandfather had brought the youngster to see me in the hope I could help the boy. Timmy had no use of his right arm whatsoever; it simply wasn’t developing like his left arm.

Grandpa told me that Timmy’s mother had had a rough time with labor and during the boy’s delivery, the doctors had found it necessary to use forceps. As a result, the nerves from his neck that controlled his right arm had been damaged. This caused a loss of control of the arm muscles.

Timmy’s fingers had no sensation of touch, and his right arm was noticeably smaller and shorter than the left.Timmy never complained about pain or discomfort during our examination; his arm just wouldn’t work. The medical doctors had labeled his disability Erb’s Palsy, or damage to the nerves that run the arm. They told his parents there was nothing more they could do, and that Timmy would have to spend the rest of his life with a crippled arm.

I, too, was concerned that Timmy had sustained permanent, irreversible nerve damage and admitted that I wasn’t sure if Chiropractic care would help…..but I was willing to try! I gave Timmy specific spinal adjustments in the hope they would restore the ability of his nerves to send messages back and forth between his brain and the deformed arm.

As his care progressed, Timmy started to walk with his bad arm hanging at his side instead of held tightly against his chest. His mother was all excited one day when she brought him in for his adjustment. She reported that Timmy had reached up with his right hand and turned a door knob!

Soon, he was lying on the floor colouring with crayons and writing with a pencil-activity that made use of his right arm and hand. Power and fine-muscle control was being restored in that disabled arm. One evening, Timmy’s parents watched in amazement and delight as their son danced around the family room playing his guitar and singing at the top of his lungs: “Doctor Werner healed my arm! Doctor Werner healed my arm!” This news brought tears to my eyes.

Then, I didn’t see Timmy for a while. Several years later when he was eight, his mother brought him in for a checkup. He looked and acted like any normal. Growing boy. Both arms measured the same length, and he had developed quite a strong grip. He proudly told me he was playing lacrosse and hockey.

“So, what’s the message?” you may ask. Simply this: We never should doubt the power of the body and its potential to heal and repair. Here was a little boy who was destined for a life of disability. But, given the proper care and the opportunity, his body was able to recreate a healthy arm when many experts said it could not be done.

William C Werner, DC - Hagersville Chiropractic, Hagersville, Ontario , Canada